5 Ways of Doing Business

5 Ways of Doing Business is like the movie industry in some ways.

Let’s see if you can guess the key word before you get to the end of the post.

1. An actor goes to Hollywood or New York to get _________________________. They do bit parts and hope someone will ___________________ them.

In Business, we have a really good idea and sometimes we need to be __________________. We might need sponsorship.

You Might Need Sponsorship

We hope to make that strategic alliance with a great up-line, a great business builder in our down-line, a great patent that the world needs, write that book that sets the world on fire or something that gets you on the path to not giving up because you have struck gold…the first time.

But just as an actor/actress must constantly hone their craft, take acting classes, they don’t all give up in the first year of hoping to be ______________________.

2. An actor/actress will continue to try out for certain parts. They may stay in a certain niche such as t.v., movies or even off Broadway plays.

What is your niche? Network Marketing or MLM (Multi Level marketing), store front business, products, services, customer base on the young, elderly or middle age persons? Persons of color, all human races, people who own pets, people with children at home, or daycare providers?

When you know your audience, you bring your attention to that people group. You will blog to that people group. You will attend meetings with people already serving that niche,

a) to make contacts,

b) get ideas for your business

c) to collaborate on ideas

d) and find sponsorship for your business.

Some people do not want to do what you are doing and would be happy to know you are doing it. They could hire you as an independent contractor to help them. This why networking in the broadest sense is a good idea. It increases your chances to get ____________________________.

What is your niche?

3. As actors grow in their craft, they may find that they like writing. They are already in the field and now they will try their hand at writing scripts, for instance.

In business, as we go along trying out different ideas such as an actor/actress does writing, producing, or directing, we can see what sticks with us.

I have tried different CRM programs to keep up with prospecting future clients and downline. I have listened to countless audio books and webinars online and on DVD. I have added many tips to my business activities based on suggestions. I have found that I like blogging and I love networking in groups and one to one. I love getting ready for a meeting, getting my business cards ready, designing my name tag, posting on social media and getting up to date on the latest product that I am promoting.

Mostly, my current aim is to be before people, one to one, having a conversation.

Having a Conversation, one to one!

Some people prefer to have a huge online presence reaching thousands and millions. And while that is great for some, others might feel their calling is standing on the stage before audiences doing public speaking. Others might prefer door to door throughout the week, setting appointments. Still others prefer to be the secretary to the one already making a name for themselves, being behind the scenes. But we all can’t be behind the scene.

What brings you the most thrill? What can you get to do that really lights you up the most?

What lights you up the most?

When you have had your fill, what do you do to relax afterwards, to bring things back in focus, to bring you back to “normal” for your family and friends?

4. Actors persevere through the rough times, through the rejection letters, through the unopened doors, as they continue to hone their craft and eventually teach others what they have learned.

In Business, who are you reaching out to and what great self talk do you have to get over your rejection letter or rejection phone call or meeting? How do you realize they are not always rejecting you as a person but maybe the product or the timing? Sometimes you have to wait and in six months the turnover in that company might allow you to speak to someone else om that department.

In business, when approaching individuals, let’s say for network marketing, go to the next person on your list, the next future client or prospect. They say, it is all about numbers in business. And a “No” does not always mean “no” but maybe later.

Use wisdom and move their name to your six month followup sheet. Eric Worre teaches this in his networking videos on Youtube.

Return to the “No” prospect in 6 months

5. Actors have dreams and goals. Do they aspire to have their own production company, a Wikipedia page or a star on Hollywood Blvd? It could be any number of things. And I would like to think that in their goals and dreams, they want to help and give back somewhere or to a specific people group.

What is your why for doing business? In doing life? What do you hope to achieve in your career or in your lifetime? Who do you hope to benefit as you grow or after you have reached a certain level of success?

Remember, do not wait until are rich to write out your hopes and dreams. Don’t wait until you hit it big, whatever that looks like to you, before you give back. You can volunteer now at your local charity before you can write that large check for a donation. You can donate food, clothes and any number of things to your favorite type of charity.

They say the odds of people giving back when they hit it big are smaller for people not already giving back in their current situation.

Be a giver now!!! Don’t wait.

Give back even at a young age.

follow Cami at http://hellocami.com/

Your favorite charity will be happy with the donation or gift of time in volunteering now before you hit it big. Many small acts of kindness get much accomplished!

Writing out your dreams, aspirations, and goals gives you something concrete to work on. It serves as a reminder for what you were thinking about when you look back on the list and you see your dreams and goals possibly changing or being revised. As you grow, mature, learn and are exposed to so many people and things, your ideas of what you want may change.

As you learn more about the people group you want to give back to, you might refine and define more of who, where and how you want to give back.

In business, keep your options open and be willing to change if it is for the better. Your direction may change. Your dreams and goals may change as you continue to hone your craft and meet new people.

I once wanted to be a music conductor of a large choir and full piece orchestra. I have since changed my dreams to wanting to see many people healed. And I now look for opportunities in the new area of ministry.

One bit of warning is to not follow every lead down a rabbit hole. That might now be your path. You have to be discerning. Do some investigation and check in with yourself to see how you really feel about it. See if that path lines up with your overall goals or is it a detour or distraction taking you off course.

I have tried many things, many tactics, many venues. But at last, only a couple of them lasted through the test of time, hard work and trying harder.

The things that stuck for me more perfectly lined up with my personality, wants, needs, dreams and goals.

I was willing to try different types of businesses and it forced me to recognize what I like. For instance, I prefer sharing with others about services than actual products that can be bought off a shelf. I prefer speaking one to one than a huge numbers of people at one time. I have had a number of opportunities to speak publicly and I don’t turn them down. I just like the conversational format that comes with a one to one meetings.

I have also found that I like short term assignments with an approximate begin and end date versus it going on potentially forever with no end in sight short of my quitting. And I am not a quitter. At least I strive to not give up. So having a time line works well for me as my motto is, “I work well with my calendar.”

I have found that sometimes, I just have to encourage myself and not look for others to always be rallying behind me or beside me to spur me on to good works, to not give up. For me books, CD’s and functions are good motivators when my supporters are a little quiet at the moment.

I would love to chat with you about your journey. If you know a single parent, I offer Consulting for Single Parents, helping them to get to their next level. If you are or know a Small Business Owner, I offer prayer for businesses through Chaplains for Businesses, praying with them for their next business strategy, upcoming event or decision and any current crisis that might be happening.

I hope you have benefited from this article and the key word is discover, discovered or discovering. You probably figured that out right away.

DISCOVER what works for you now and as you grow and develop in your life and business, remembering your dreams and goals as you go along your way.

My name is Nek’ka Migel. I am a Christian that loves God and Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior who died and rose again and ascended into heaven. Click here to contact me or reply to this posting. Thanks for stopping by and reading this article. Feel free to share this post with others: https://tinyurl.com/business5ways

Choose to Succeed!

5 ways to do business, run your home, or pray for new strategies




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Love God, married 5 years, 5 kids, writing a book, Helping Single Parents get to their next level, Prayer Intercessor praying for Small Business Owners.

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Nek'ka Migel

Nek'ka Migel

Love God, married 5 years, 5 kids, writing a book, Helping Single Parents get to their next level, Prayer Intercessor praying for Small Business Owners.

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