Would you say God speaks to you for your business?

Where do you get your business ideas?

Acts 16:25-26
"Now about midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns of praise to God, and the prisoners were listening to them; [26] and suddenly there was a great earthquake, so that…

Luke 2

Could you imagine losing the Son of God?

I cannot imagine what Mary and Joseph were feeling especially if they knew that Jesus was the Son of God. I mean, they must have been going out of their minds. …

The how will come... little by little... because you held the vision and didn't give up... it will come.

"Holding the vision" to me means living expectantly.*

Making your environment conducive to receiving the vision in reality.

I cleaned up my wardrobe in expectation.

I prayed for him daily without knowing his name.

I continued living life using…

Who are you meeting these days?
Do they inspire greatness or detract from who you are?
Are they a positive addition or not?

I have met some lovely people over the years. People who were a positive addition for the most part. …

So Long to Things Not Needed

Day 21 of my 30 day minimalist challenge

Spent the morning at church with my kids and grandkids. Getting ready for baby dedications real soon.

I got baby bottle milk on my pant slacks from the youngest. I'm sure they aren't stained forever.


Who or What Harasses You?

Does having too many things harass you? Does someone asking too many personal questions harass you? What is the harassing forces in your life and what will be your answer this week when that issue comes up?

As a consultant to Single Parents, I get…

Who is your focus on?

Who's your focus on?

It's hard sometimes to take a bold step that might leave you misunderstood... by humans. I'm doing my best to Keep God as my forward focus and in my rearview mirror as well.

When your eyes are on people, you can…

Day 9 of my 30 day minimalist challenge. I am challenging myself to get rid of 5 things per day.

As I sit here watching the movie, Victoria and Abdul, I find it fascinating and exhilarating that this woman at 81 years old has accomplished so much.

More than 20…

Day 5 of my 30 day Minimalist Challenge

So it's depressing to think that as of day 5 I have not run out of things to get rid of. Things that had it not been for the minimalist challenge, would still be taking up space in my brain and home.

Meanwhile, I've recently learned that some people with…

Don’t Back Down

Having just watched this movie from my local library, I watched people fight for what they want. What are you fighting for?

I think about my grand children’s education and I want the best for them and that they won’t get passed over for any reason. I…

Nek'ka Migel

Love God, married 5 years, 5 kids, writing a book, Helping Single Parents get to their next level, Prayer Intercessor praying for Small Business Owners.

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